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Our Services

Just give our digital marketers a buzz and get cracking crafting a campaign that will rocket your brand recall into orbit. Our team specialize in comprehensive digital marketing services to set the right strategic direction, providing digital marketing solutions for your brand, be it designs, content or social media strategy fueled with thirst of knowledge, having the expertise to craft a listening brand right from the scratch with a laser-focus on solving the most complex digital problems.

We believe in creatingx a culture of continuous innovation and extreme customer focus driven by highly talented people and owning the voice of our clients and work hard to show it.


Set your own budget, select the right keywords, demographics, and geographical locations, and witness a qualified traffic flow to your website. Our experts optimize your campaigns to increase conversions and boost your sales.

Social Media Marketing & SMO

Importance of social media is ever-increasing. Therefore, we provide highly-effective services that include: profiling, channel & competitor analysis, social media engagement and social ad campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Even a steady rise in your website traffic will translate into nothing if you won’t be able to turn your visitors into qualified leads. We offer a substantial increase in your customer base and turn the tide in your favor. 

Content Writing & Marketing

Source of your brand’s popularity, whether it is a blog, eBook, a guide, or some video content that solves your customers’ problems, educate them, and make them trust you, thereby working like a magnet to qualify more leads.

Landing Page Optimization

We help you attract, convert, close, and delight your leads with operational conversion rate optimization. Hitting the right pain points of your customers and designing a CRO strategy that never let them leave until they pledge their loyalty to your work perfectly.

Email Marketing

$1 spent on email marketing helps you get $40 back. It bolsters you to connect with people who are genuinely interested in buying from you and help you build a rock-solid foundation of your customer-oriented business. Therefore, we develop email marketing strategies, create customized Email copy, maintain progress, analyze results through tested tools, and improve your ROI.

Google Analytics services

We provide insights into our client’s online marketing efforts.
An audit to make sure there are no errors or gaps in the data collection process and to track code,configuration, data integrity, conversion tracking, and account linking.
With proper setup and implementation of your new or existing Google Analytics account, we make certain that the analytics account is configured correctly and that you are capturing the necessary business data to use in your data analysis.
We can consult with you to determine your data goals and interpret your existing data, recommend solutions to aggregate data across multiple websites, create customizable reports and set up conversion funnels.

Brand Campaigns

We bring brands to life online – Based on in-depth research and analysis, we translate business strategy into world-class, insight-driven creative campaigns. We’ll guide you through the process, including ideation, design exploration, messaging strategy, campaign landing page development, and optimization of your brand’s digital footprint.
We develop and strategize a marketing plan based on your business challenges and goals; and take this insight to build the foundation for your digital marketing efforts to drive brand awareness, secure strategic online placements, forge relationships with media influencers, increase brand mentions, and achieve monthly backlink goals in order to give small businesses and small teams more visibility online.
Now that key online assets are built, we deliver and  bring your brand to life online.
Our unique process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is led by our brand managers who reach new customers and improve and maintain a market reputation for our partners.

Digital Marketing At Macrosyst

Digital remains our core capability of communication – we activate our studios (strategy, brand, data analytics and technology) to work in harmony and deliver the right message to the right platform and audience. 93.8% people rapidly engage and utilize social media channels for buying things or making a decision for it, making it the main cynosure for the buyers in the B2B and B2C segements and one of the biggest reasons for you to invest in it.

The digital universe expands exponentially and keeping track of its varied nuances requires an in-depth understanding of the logic that drives diverse platforms.
Take, for instance, the inherent difference between the tonalities of LinkedIn and Facebook. They are two opposite ends of the spectrum and it would be totally disastrous to adopt the tone of one onto the other.
We have the perfect solutions – from Facebook advertising to creating a Twitter buzz and more; and we will help you achieve traffic on your website lead generation, establishing the brand and direct interaction with your target audiences.
SMO ensures user’s engagement rates in terms of brand value to mammoth proportions, establishing a strong presence and increasing the online visibility of your brand.
We devise result-oriented SMO strategies and the identify the points of synergy across creating an engaging conversation between the potential end-user and the product for our clients, to deliver maximum ROI and make your business grow.
Different social media platforms have different audience so define your goals to our team and your business needs will be tailor made, accordingly.

Companies trust us from optimizing their social media posts to managing their social advertising budgets to monitoring social media conversations. As a result, our interactions with customers will happen much more frequently and you will begin to see your online community strengthen – you’ll have reliable online assets that you’ll be able to utilize for years to come.

Why choose Macrosyst?

We keep track of its varied nuances requires an in-depth understanding of the logic that drives diverse and exponentially expanding social media platforms.    For instance, the inherently different tonalities of LinkedIn and Facebook are at the two opposite ends of the spectrum and it would be totally disastrous to adopt the tone of one onto the other.
Our professional teams have got the highest recommendation rate across the web and are equipped with years of experience and expertise, helping you improve brand visibility, awareness, profits, customer loyalty, etc for today’s needs.


Effective and successful digital marketing campaign is one that delivers desired results that matters, for business owners.We will shift the trajectory of your brand with special digital distruption, towards more success.


Our services revolve around Content, SEO, SEM and PPC to ensure highest ROI and to augment your brand’s visibility over the internet with some serious uplifting to reach new customers.


Our state-of-the-art services are unequivocally result-oriented by marrying cutting-edge strategy with real-time out-of-the-box business concepts with a laser-focus on SEM, content, PPC and SEO.  yielding a high ROI.


We analyze data to discover target audience (specific to your business), to establish a customized message for these customers that will entice them to make impulsive buying decision, driving your business to long-term success.

Affordable Internet Marketing that Gets You Measurable Results – we believe that the customers are the cornerstone of every business and guiding them down the road of digital prosperity. As a result, our internet marketing services help you hang out with your customers, befriend them, and solve their genuine problems with your product/services. We also have access to tools, tactics, and digital assets which rank your website, bring relevant traffic, build brand authority, and please you with ROI.

Conversion rate Optimization

CRO is all about maximizing the effectiveness of your website by turning your visitors into customers. If you’ve been struggling to turn traffic into leads, our expert conversion optimizers will assess your sales funnel and your user experience, and will help to weed out problem areas and eliminate anything that might provide friction to your conversion goals.
In-depth Google Analytics review, delving into the flow of traffic through your site and isolating any drop-off points depending on what works across numerous industries.We also proactively audit your site and traffic data and look for problems or solutions that may never have occurred to you. Even a modest increase in your conversion rate can get astonishing results – increasing business conversions – without having to earn a single extra visitor to your site.

Scroll Percentage

Scroll percentage(depth), is one of the easiest ways to measure engagement on your site as interested visitors scroll.

Compelling Content

We offer compelling written content that delivers the message loud and clear without beating around the bush.

Mobile Optimization

So many of your website’s visitors are using a mobile device. If your site is not prepared for this interaction, you could lose customers.

Min Distraction

Minimal Visual Distractions is done to make sure visitors doesn’t get distracted by flashy designs or irrelevant content.

Clear Forms

Crystal Clear Form Fields so that no unrelated information is entered in the form fields so that to again saving the visitor from any distraction.

A powerful tool that maximizes your marketing efforts and can dramatically improve the return on your other marketing investments.In-depth audits, manually performed by a website conversion expert Extensive research, covering each stage of your sales funnel, including: Examining search query intent, Landing page layout and content, Establishing a strong value proposition, Compelling call to action, An intuitive and user-friendly checkout/contact process and finally Data-Driven recommendations to raise your conversion rate level A/B testing at numerous levels – this can range from simply testing a different call to action to switching out totally different landing pages in order to find what works.

WEB Analysis

Analysis of the website and Understanding the site traffic and whether landing pages are relevant to the searches so that visitors must find what they are looking for.

CTA Focus

Most effective CTAs and easy to complete forms are created with a focus so that customers are compelled to click on them.Asking your customer for too much information is not ideal. 

Layout & Navigation

Evaluating the layout of your site and navigational menu structure is crucial to eliminating obstacles for your customers. They can’t make a purchase if they can’t find what they are looking for.


Utilizing consistent and direct messaging helps your customer better understand what you are offering and why they should care. Clear communication is key if you are going to propel customers to your checkout.

Checkout Process

You have done all the work to drive your customers to the checkout so don’t lose them at the last minute! Ensure that your checkout process is streamlined and easy to use in order to eliminate frustration or cart abandonment.

We begin the process by analyzing your website traffic enabling the visitors of your site to take action. Using design and specific elements on your website, you can eliminate the obstacles that prevent your customers from converting and help guide them towards making a purchase, booking a service. Our team, comprises of a brand communication strategist, content marketing expert and UI/UX specialist – offering you the best experience and devise a strategy that enhance user experience and drive the CRO rate high resulting in a successful campaign, resulting in a steady rise in your website traffic and turning your visitors into qualified leads.
Increasing ROI and Profitability by increasing the percentage of visitors which are converted into customers after a single or multiple visits which ultimately leads to a situation where businesses are able to generate more leads or sales without investing much on website traffic.

CRO Tools & Heatmaps

Our powerful suite of CRO tools helps us measure and evaluate the performance of your site.   LUCKY ORANGE provides us dynamic heatmaps, monitor progress and ongoing improvements, session recordings, form analytics, and conversion funnels. This helps us visualize what is working on your site and what is not so we can develop a customized action plan.We are able to identify where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and more. We can then determine the specific elements of your website that may be leading to a drop in conversions.

Analysis & Reporting

Using best practices, we collect and thoroughly analyze and examine a variety of metrics, including heat mapping, and take a deep dive into examining your and your competitors’ entire site;sales, registrations, or applications; the conversion data and user behavior, to find meaningful trends and deep insights; and provide a complete picture of current obstacles and possible solutions, which are then presented to you alongside a plan of attack to address any issues and make an impact on your site.Having clear goals is critical to CRO for identifying relevant sources of data and pull them together for analysis.

Testing & Experiment

As we begin to implement and test changes, we rely on VWO for A/B testing and analysis tools. Our team will use the plan we developed to start making small yet impactful adjustments on your site, monitor the outcomes. and fine-tuning our initial findings and deliver incredible results.Working from a customized plan, our team will then begin to implement the changes we have deemed necessary and monitor the results.


Increased Conversions

As your customers are more empowered to take action and easily convert on your site, your conversion rate will skyrocket and you will feel the impact on your bottom line. We determine where and what improvements need to be made in order to increase conversions on your site. But our work is not done! We will continue to monitor your progress and make improvements to ensure your site’s optimal performance.

SMM & SMO Services

An excellent way to reach new customers while reengaging with existing ones. Increase your paid social results without increasing your spend through effective Ads. Trigger the Right Response from Customers as you can’t get customers running after your product simply by enchanting them. Instead, you need the right mix of social media planning and strategies that will help you acquire leads in an accurate and precise way, embroiled with the optimum zeal to augment your brand awareness and visibility. Thus, Accelerate your Growth and Maximize Engagement to help you drive traffic. We leverage our extensive knowledge to help our clients develop a deeper understanding of their customer journey and to decide where and how to run advertisements.

Technical Discovery And Understanding

Audience Research: The scope of your audience is identified through 3 key factors, namely keywords, interests and influencers.

Social Audit: Analytics data and Social media monitoring are the foundations on which we create the baseline. Through this audit, a campaign gets a green signal.

Planning and strategy

Project Brief: Client’s information and future business objectives are categorically defined here, along with all the necessary information required to come up with the related documentation for all the social media marketing strategies that we devise. Competitive Analysis: A thorough report is generated after a detailed analysis of the competitors. It covers the networks on which your competitors are active, as it helps us brainstorm the keywords for the specific industry.

Social Media Integration

The maverick social media management services from the best marketing consultants to enhance your brand’s image for an exemplary digital presence.

Campaign Execution

We execute in an extensive manner, and only then is your campaign ready to be executed. The company is monitored throughout, as a tiny lapse in concentration can be lethal. We make certain that this kind of a blunder doesn’t happen.

Analysis & Reporting

Audience Research: The scope of your audience is identified through 3 key factors, namely keywords, interests and influencers.

Social Audit: Analytics data and Social media monitoring are the foundations on which we create the baseline. Through this audit, a campaign gets a green signal.

Customer Engagement

Engage Customers in meaningful conversations using all our Social Media Avenues. We live in a social media age where businesses need to handle direct interaction with their current and potential customers. Relevant and engaging content is the key to getting regular and positive response from them, which is essential for getting the best ROI. We never leave potential opportunities on the table, and always keep your core objectives in focus.

We identify your business goals and analyze which social media platform works best for you. We then keep track of your brand mentions and relevant conversations across multiple channels to monitor your campaigns’ performance accurately.
If you want to increase social engagement, we make sure that your following is organically increased. If you want to increase your website traffic and direct sales, we ensure the maximum click-through-rate and consistently high ROI.Retweets, Likes, Shares, Comments, Connections, Pins, Reviews – We Bring Everything to Your Door! We’re a Social Media Marketing Company that Does Something More than Just Bringing Anonymous Likes to Your Social Profiles…


68% of Americans use Facebook. We craft appealing Facebook content, managing ads, and engaging with your audience. We also run the analysis to see what works for your business and what doesn’t.


Our services help you identify and target your ideal customers among 261 million people on Twitter. We also make a content plan, do hashtag research, create interactive tweets, run ads. In conclusion, we make sure that you have a brand-centric Twitter profile. And your customers are attended round the clock.


With 1 billion users, Instagram is the most influential platform to market your products or services. So, we promote your brand and help you increase your sales by creating interactive visual content; posts, stories, videos, polls, etc. We target highly specific people through Instagram ads and help you grow your online presence, eventually leading to more sales.


Pinterest is the latest platform to boost relevant traffic, increase visibility, and attract more customers. 93% of pinners use Pinterest to make purchases. So, we create brand-oriented pin-boards and design interactive images. We also make it sure that your pins are continuously re-pinned by the most relevant users.


Five hundred million people use LinkedIn. So, we use the marketing opportunities on LinkedIn and endorse your brand to your target audience. From creating blog posts to slides and images, we do it all to help you interact with new prospects or professionals and create a powerful online presence.

Our SMM & SMO Features

Search across sparking posts via different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know what trending conversations are. We manage your social media accounts, pages and posts as well and perform proper research by dedicated keywords including additional filters by metrics, industry-type and content type to focus on the correct posts.

Social Media Posts

It is difficult to do posting on social media sites (Especially for small businesses), as it takes a lot of time in framing the proper image and content of the post, thereby making delay in posting. It might divert your focus from your core business activities and waste your precious time and hard-earned money.

Creative SMO Tactics

Helpful and eye-catching outlines can help you bring the audience to your business. Our creative and innovative SMO tactics develop brands reliability and maximize user engagement, making it a wise choice for precise marketing and successful brand promotion.

Manage Social Media Ads

Managing accounts, pages and posts and handling ads is also a job of experts. We develop custom ad campaigns as per the requirements of your business and audience research to achieve the business goals.

User Engagement

Our content and posts are capable to engage users and grab complete benefits for your business. Channelization and branding work to achieve best in class results for your competitive business objectives, thus offering high conversions via huge user engagement.

Do you have a social media profile? How much traffic is it driving to your website? Is your following consistently growing every month? What’s the proportion of people loving your social media content? Also, have sales increased? If you don’t have a significant answer, no need to worry…We help you identify your customers, engage with them, convince them to buy and trust you forever.
We believe in something more than dry engagement; in consistent sales, influence, and revenue! Our knowledge about the latest trends, use of updated tools and techniques make. Moreover, we care about your business like ours and make it sure that our every step leads your business towards better engagement, lead nurturing, customer satisfaction, and impressive ROI.

Audience & Competitors Research

We do in-depth research about your potential customers, design your buyer persona, and identify how you can solve their problem. We also study your competitors to develop unique strategies to outrun them.

Effective Strategies

We develop custom strategies for every business and decide when and what to post. After analyzing your followers’ activities. We make appropriate changes in the strategy to optimize your performance.

Content Creation

From writing content to creating exclusive images and videos. we do it all! We also create content which is unique, interactive, and fascinates the attention of your prospects while they scroll down impatiently.

Automation & Re-purposing

Macrosyst helps you save time by automating the posting using authentic software. Also, we make most out of your existing content by appropriate re-purposing.

Analysis, Reporting & Testing

Our team provide you with weekly reports and analyze the data to optimize the performance. We also test social media platforms, publishing times, and campaigns to customize our services.

Content Marketing

We market your content to the most suitable people who are more likely to buy from you. Also, we promote your brand through paid campaigns; run ads, and get influencers talking about you on different social channels.

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

SEM, PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a speed-to-market tactic to expand visibility to a target audience and gain a leg up against competitors.PPC is done through platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing. You (the advertiser) will only pay for clicks, or when a user clicks through to your desired landing page. It’s a way of buying traffic to your website vs organic methods. Our data-science approach helps increase both conversions and revenue for our partners from high-quality traffic.

From keyword selection to ad-group structures, creating ads to writing ad-copy, ad positioning to user experience, modifying bids to optimizing campaigns and strategic targeting, we do everything to make an impact and boost relevant traffic, increasing your brand awareness, maximizing your PPC search results and track behavior of each visitor.Pay-per-click ad campaigns can be an extremely effective way to increase your brand awareness and search results.From search ads to programmatic efforts; Macrosyst develops effective strategies by looking at all parts of practice to create a holistic solution that will reach your intended audience systematically and get you clicks.

Data-Driven PPC Approach

When everybody promises to put your ad out there, we strive to make sure that your ad doesn’t only pop-up but also gets clicks and converts.


PPC works as long as you keep paying.We help you play smart and achieve more with less investment, so you save enough and double up your revenue, resulting in lower overall account CPC.

Higher ROAS

We focus our PPC management services on providing you with immediate, measurable, and cost-effective results in terms of better ROAS.

Rankable Keywords

We offer high-value-low-cost potentially rank-able keywords, identify negative keywords, and write conversion oriented ad copy to ensure the visibility and convincing power of your ad.

PPC Consultation

If you cannot figure out how many campaigns you need to run. We also run A/B tests to help you make more with a limited budget.

Powering Up Your Funnels

We gather competitive data across platforms and study your customers to craft a better PPC strategy. We use this research to bid the right amount for a particular ad and create funnel friendly landing pages.

Our Customer-Centric PPC management services – with smart works at the right platform through a paid media marketing strategy which allows our customers to get that crucial edge over their competitors through stellar paid media marketing, resulting in a boost in ROI and qualified traffic.The amount of traffic depends on many factors such as your budget, keywords, targetting, etc.Improve your campaigns according to the performance data. This will gradually increase your conversions over time. However, the amount of conversions depends on many factors, such as your product quality, your pricing, your landing page, and your competition.

Technical Discovery And Understanding

Offering effective adWords management services is our forte, as we make it a mission to drill ourselves in the ins and outs of our client’s business, their website and competitors, so that we can leverage the data throughout the later stages of the project and come up with tailored turn-key solutions catering to their unique needs. We check your site’s Google Analytics reports for an overview or minute details on your PPC performance and visit your client dashboard anytime and see how your site is ranking for specific keywords and search phrases.

Planning and strategy

Targeted AdWords management Services to Reach Genuine Customers, channel selection and build out your campaign strategy.

Project Brief: Client’s information and future business objectives are categorically defined here along with all the indispensable information needed to formulate the pertinent documentation for all the PPC campaign management services that we offer.

Keyword Research: Being a premier adWords management agency, we offer target keywords for adWords and PPC campaigns as well. The research is based upon the information gathered during the project brief phase, and further opportunities are identified from the paid media audit.

Proper Choice of Keywords

Deciphering the apt choice of keywords for our customers is what makes us an expert adWords management company in this niche. Whether you are running a huge business or a small coffee shop, we’ve got all the aces to offer you keywords that will work for you in quick time so that you get specific and targeted audience to your page, ones who are genuinely willing to purchase from you.

A video sent to you each month from your dedicated PPC specialist showing notable results while explaining in detail how your campaign is going. A single point of contact to manage your project questions from PPC specialists – they will get to know your business and understand your unique needs.

Analysis & Reporting

Paid Media Audit: It’s the foundation stone for all the current paid media performances, based on 3 key factors, namely, analytics, landing pages and current campaign statistics.

Launch your campaign and begin measuring and testing the results. With continuous improvements, your campaign will go through many iterations to become highly effective. Then a detailed report is sent to you monthly, listing how we’ve spent our time working on your PPC campaign.

Competitive Analysis: PPC competitors and ad-copy based on keyword research, is explicitly defined in this step to determine areas prone to risk or ripe for the picking.

Strong elements and Brand Communication

Optimize your campaign and implement feedback, pulling you ahead of your competition. A single weak element or Brand Communication can wreak havoc and spell Disaster for your Venture on your website conversion, and we make certain that our customers get the best deal in this regard. We take care of the user journey from the first step up, so that our customers can reciprocate the same for their potential clients. The design aspect and a deep comprehension of the psychology of website visitors is critical for running a successful PPC or adWords campaign.

Landing Page & Campaigns

Businesses which perform strongly on PPC follow a strong performance hierarchy having the potential of converting a lead. We also help you create and design specific landing pages for your every campaign or ad-group (if needed) so that your visitor are not left confused at your homepage with multiple things to focus.

We will take care of the landing page copy & ad content after taking into consideration your ad content ideas. Our clients can greatly benefit from the vital information gathered from the prospective customers. On the basis of this data, we lay down a solid foundation and the campaign is nicely setup for definite success. We synchronize your landing page’s content with the particular level of your marketing funnel it is part of so that your potential buyer doesn’t feel out of place and surely converts.

We put your business in front of the right people, at the right time, from the right devices; lower your ad spend, boost your ROI and roar your traffic instantly. Either PPC audit or the whole campaign execution, we help our clients capitalize on our PPC skills. So try PPC & lose track of time with the abundant activity on your website.PPC ensures that money you spend is put to work for your business, with a fast ROI. Continue improving the campaign performance and adjust the strategy as needed Transparency | Goals & expectations | Strategy | Agency vs. client contribution | Experience | Reporting | Pricing structure.

AdWords & Display Ads

We identify your end-goals, do keyword analysis and position your ads text ads on our partner websites, including Ad extensions and make sure that your ads are well-positioned for your most important keywords at the lowest possible price on Google AdWords (PPC conversion optimized), a valuable tactic when you utilize the right search terms to ensure the growth of visibility, traffic, and customer acquisition to effectively spend your money while beating your competition.

Display ads are placed all over the internet to increase your brand awareness. However, their high volume might mean that you are scattering your ad spend. We analyze your current strategy and implement targeting that will increase the effectiveness of your display ads to get high conversions.

PPC Audits

Despite your consistent effort to bid appropriately on an ad account and optimizing it, there is always a chance of overlooking something important.We find the loopholes in existing strategies and determine areas which may need attention and can be improved.
Even if your account is performing just fine, it is always good to keep the record of how things are going and how they can be better. We’ll set up comparisons to test the effectiveness of different ads which will allow us to hone our content and presentation.
With technology enabled programmatic advertising we implement effective strategies which can be a gamechanger when integrated appropriately.

Facebook & YouTube

The recently amplified popularity of Facebook and its PPC costs for general or retail-related ads has made it a potential platform to garner direct traffic and boost ROI. Our highly targeted PPC strategies to make the right people with ideal demographics interact with you on Facebook.
We either bid your ad on the sidebar and direct your potential customers on your landing page or show your ad on the timeline and solidify your social media presence.

YouTube gets over 4 million views each day. We determine the type of ads you should be running on YouTube, and the products or services that should be featured.

Ecommerce PPC Management

Search sponsored shopping is becoming an increasingly popular way for consumers to find what they are looking for. We help retailers reach their customers on search engines or social media platforms.
Keeping your products and end-goals in mind, we figure out the medium of ads and platforms where they will perform better. We keep your shopping feeds up-to-date and adequately track the ad performance and take care of the quality of the ad content to make sure that it is conversion optimized.
Main things we focus on are Google AdWords, Google Merchant Center, and AdWords Product Listing Ads. We will evaluate your available products to figure out what should be sponsored on the appropriate platforms.


Retarget your prospects who have shown interest and know your offer but fell out for some reason. There are a number of avenues you can pursue when it comes to User Friendly remarketing ads.

By managing the cookies, narrowing down the profiles and where where to reach them, we target those prospects who are most likely to convert and increase return on ad spend while increasing sales or leads.
We will create a landing page-specifically designed to sell, tailored to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads,making sure that highly targeted audience sees your ad all across the internet.

Conversion Oriented Landing Pages

Businesses which perform poorly on PPC follow a weak performance hierarchy. They lack the potential of converting a lead because they leave their visitor confused at their homepage with multiple things to focus.
Let us target your state, city, or even neighborhood with ads, or set up a small campaign designed to push one specific product or service and create and design specific landing pages for your every campaign or ad-group (if needed).
We also synchronize landing page’s content with the particular level of your marketing funnel it is part of so that your potential buyer doesn’t feel out of place and surely convert.
We wade the data through data tracking tools and generate a customized PDF report highlighting the most important information.

Our PPC has three core aspects – Focus, relevance and visibility, to ensure that the client for whom the PPC plan has been devised, should have their web pages ranked the highest when people search for their product or service on the web.Another core aspect is relevance – for instance if the client is a luxury boutique label, it is pointless for their web pages to be displayed when someone searches for the neighbourhood tailor.  Macrosyst is in absolute sync with these nuances and are consequently able to deploy a PPC strategy that makes advertising easy, hassle free, and effective.

We choose specific keywords to appear in your ad and when people search for those keywords, your ad appears next to relevant search results and then, you pay a hosting service, like Google, only when your ad is clicked. Our team at Macrosyst is experienced with : Google AdWords, Google Remarketing (often referred to as retargeting), Bing Ads (we staff Accredited Professionals), Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising.

Content Writing And Marketing

We create valuable, compelling and relevant content  makes your prospects engage with it; and help you step up and combine your writing with strategy and marketing tactics. We create quality content that ranks and how you promote content that turns your customers into promoters and how you track and analyze your content’s performance.
Macrosyst combines keyword and customer research with content strategy and creates convincing evergreen content that converts. Our means of content distribution and re-purposing authorize us to bring success to your door.
Content marketing is a long-term process so we will keep creating fantastic content for you and try different variations to find out which one works best for you, helping you connect with your customers like never before, by providing the quality content they want to see.


A perfectly written blog post, generating both long and short-form articles and entire blog content process from pitch to publishing that addresses your customers’ problems and provides valuable information (a lifetime digital asset). It builds trust even without a direct sales-pitch and works perfectly to increase subscribers. From quizzes to calculators, we provide interactive content that acts as a tool to engage your audience and provides them with more information; captivate your audience; develop and sustain a consistent brand voice across the blog content to build authority; write SEO friendly and data-backed content that is hard to ignore.


The website is the cornerstone of any service-based business. If you have a great website which is ranked and has good web design, but the way you’re talking to your customers is vague and robotic, it’s a total failure. We write web-copy that complement your web-design and convinces your prospects to stay, listen, get confident, and buy from you.

The copy on your landing pages directly impacts your conversions. Our team will implement, test, and iterate variations until we find the most effective presentation.

Email & Infographics

Every $1 spent on right email marketing brings $4 back. It is the most powerful asset for lead attraction, conversion, and re-conversion. We power-up your email marketing by writing Email subject lines and body content. The emails written by us have a maximum open rate and enhanced click-through rate. We split test and analyze performance as well.
Combining both creative and copy, infographics can be a quick way to communicate a lot of information to your customers. Our team will mine the data and use it to generate visually appealing and insightful infographics for your audience.

Social Media

Who can resist a social media post with an impressively smart and informational caption? No matter what kind of business you run, we create compelling social media content that can cease the scroll and get an instant reaction.Provide compelling resources to your sales team that will help them close deals. From pitch decks to service summaries, we will make sure the customer is seeing consistent messaging that clearly articulates what you provide.


Our press releases address your targeted prospects and customers and communicate with them on a personal level. Also, our writers’ subject matter expertise helps you convince your customers to take the intended action. Our highly targeted press release writing and distribution via PRWeb.com also make it sure that your prospects and customers find your content at the right time.

Creating customer personas will help you better understand the types of customers you are trying to reach. We build out these profiles and use them to develop the content that your targeted customers value.

Content writers and copywriters in our content marketing agency are creative, pay attention to details, and have strong project management abilities. They work closely with our SEO teams and designers to make sure that every written piece is optimize-able and serves the purpose of our ROI-oriented content marketing services. We manage your content using trust-worthy CMS that helps you create and publish it in a website-friendly format quickly.
Content is nothing with the appropriate promotion and distribution. It cannot build trust and cannot bring leads if nobody knows it exists we make it sure that the right people find your content at the right time.

Existing Blog

We review your existing content to determine how we move forward and make changes with your content strategy.

Current Promotion

Evaluating where and how you are currently promoting your content and the results each platform is yielding will provide context for other engagement metrics.

Competitive Analysis

We generate new ideas for additional content as well as identify any gaps within your own coverage taking into consideration your competitors.

Conversion Points

To convert your customers, you have to give them the right opportunity, supplemented your content with conversion points and strategically enhance your presence.

Copy Objectives

We analyse and examine current objectives your copy and whether it is speaking the desired outcomes and needs of your customer, rather than simply trying to sell your product.

Enjoy Our One-Time solution & Rock Your Marketing Funnels With Effective & Affordable Content Marketing Services. By working with us, you get everything you need to ace content marketing for years; experience, in-depth knowledge, and tools. Macrosyst believes in evergreen content that can stay out there forever and can bring you leads with appropriate improvements and re-purposing over time.

We understand that temporal content is good and attracts momentary attention, but it is expensive, time-consuming, and unsustainable. Thus, we help you save money and time that you waste on figuring out how you can avoid paying for entirely paid traffic and still get the same results.



Any technique doesn’t work until it is backed by data. We offer rock-solid content marketing strategies you can base your whole marketing campaigns on.

SEO Optimized

We make sure every written piece is SEO optimized and serves the purpose of our ROI-oriented content marketing services.

Reporting & Analytics

We base our content marketing services on metrics that prove success. We track, visualize, and share the performance analytics with you.

Content Optimization

We run tests when needed and assess what works and what doesn’t and make appropriate improvements and edits.

Publishing Content

We manage your content using trust-worthy CMS that helps you create and publish it in a website-friendly format quickly.

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Grow your sales, drive insane traffic on your website, reach more customers, engage more people, and grab the attention of your potential customers and convert visitors into raving fans, thereby outhustling your competitors and beating them with pride.
Stick around and work with us to see how our consistent, strategic and creative online marketing efforts help you reach long-term goals, such as; building a business you always wanted, getting the response you always longed for and taking control of everything as you ever desired.
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