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A highly curated team of outside-of-the-box thinkers, lean product-first methodology, and an obsession with making game-changing mobile apps.

We build beautiful yet powerful iOS / Android applications that solve everyday business problems.


Macrosyst’s Mobile Application Development  Services

Mobile has already become prevalent over the desktop so a native mobile application development service is a must for businesses and startups. Macrosyst delivers the best customer service and gives wider options for post – Minimum Viable Product development.

Higher Performance

We develop the product specifically for a certain operation system as it makes the performance of application faster and smarter,which is a crucial factor for applications with a huge amount of data.

Better UX

Both iOS and Android operating systems have their individual specifications and feature that user got used to. Macrosyst native application development works for every group of users, providing good UX/UI design for every operating system.

Access built-in capabilities

We provide better access for build-in functionalities of smartphones such as camera, GPS, accelerometer, microphone, calendar, etc that can impress your user without all those features.

Better Security

Macrosyst’s security of native mobile application allows distinguishing qualitative application from the unsafe one. To guarantee safekeeping of application`s data mobile device requires better performance of the system.

Audience Access

App markets give better support to the applications that use native app development as these can be quickly discovered by users and get more marketing options and promotional support from the platform.

Offline Access

When it comes to cross-platform applications, sustainable internet connection is always required. whereas Macrosyst’s native mobile app can work without the web.

Extended IT Team

We become an extension fo your IT team and support and together we will seize the full potential of your market thereby maximizing your profit.We complete your project for a fixed price with no extra or hidden charges.


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Features Of Macrosyst’s Mobile Application Development


We don’t just bring the ‘wow effect’ into mobile apps but focus on developing design ideas that focus on meeting customer satisfaction in the mobile-first world.


Every mobile app demands its own set of user experience, technology, security and compliance checks. Some require constant support and maintenance based on the performance and business requirements. We are well equipped to meet any testing, support and maintenance requirements.


The mobile app ecosystem is continuously evolving. Many brands and companies are concentrating on building the presence on a single application, by integrating all the business functionality in a single project. Using the modern development platforms, we can build cloud-connected cross-platform mobile apps that offer full access to device capabilities and native APIs. Thus, making it easy to integrate multiple functionalities of business ecosystems into the single application.


Mobile enablement services can help you re-engineer your existing software/technology to the mobile platform in no time. Now you can mobilize your enterprise to increase customer engagement and employee productivity by delivering mobile-driven applications and solutions in real time. Meet the changing needs of your customers/employees and increase overall profitability.


With innovation in technology and changing business scenario, companies are forced to update their applications and legacy systems to meet the new requirements. With extensive experience in a wide range of technologies, platforms and different enterprise architectures, we have moved and upgraded many legacy applications to the latest technologies and have helped companies significantly improve performance and scalability at the same time reducing maintenance and supporting costs.


Technology has made it possible for the workforce to overcome geographical boundaries. It has also simplified the way we do business online. With enterprises focusing work from anywhere and have data available anytime. We understand enterprise mobility solutions and have worked with various security frameworks that work to protect sensitive and confidential information. Our veteran developers are dedicated to building enterprise mobility solutions that address the most acute business challenges and help the company improve core processes.

Having an app built is the first step towards your business success. To make an impact and create a place for yourself in the crowded app market, you need a push of app marketing that will drive app installations and build the loyal customer base. We offer unique and competitive app promotional services that generate brand awareness, drive app installations and increase app engagement.

Our platform expertise go beyond Mobiles & Tabletcovers to the entire range gadgets for getting you best out of technology, including NFC, RFID, GPS, Cloud, Printer, BarCode Scanner, Weight Scale etc.

Why develop Mobile App?

We live in a Mobile-First where where customers rely heavily on smartphones for their online activities. Hence, you need to rethink the mobile experience and customer satisfaction. Mobile apps have been the center of innovation for many years. With the ever-increasing market and latest technologies, mobile offers hundreds of new opportunities for brands to deliver value to customers in moments of need. Macrosyst takes only 2 business days to kick start a project and offers fast, flexible and cost effective solutions with on time and on budget delivery . Whether the need is big or small, vital or trivial; we deliver mobile app development services to brands, organizations, start-ups and individuals.

Macrosyst Offers Multi-Platform Mobile Application Development


As an iPhone/iOS application development company,Macrosyst develops high-performance iPhone/iOS applications with consumer and enterprise needs in mind and feature-packed apps for delightful user experience  Our team of technically savvy iOS developers can program in native languages such as Swift or Objective-C and can build cross-platform native applications using React Native(JavaScript) or Xamarin(C# & F#) which will exceed your expectations.


The fastest growing operating system for smartphone devices and has become popular with its every update. We know how to develop versatile, user-friendly, powerful and scalable applications of any category. Our full-stack Android developers are skilled with native and hybrid programming languages. This has given us the ability to build apps from simple to complex functionalities for various industries. We don’t just build apps; we deliver perfection with every app.

Cross-Platform (CP) Mobile Application Development

Cross-platform (CP) mobile app development is on the eye of developers and enterprises around the world. The enterprise most definitely likes the idea of building one version of mobile apps through a single workflow given the exponential increase in the cost of per-platform development and the need for rapid time to market. Macrosyst develops cloud-connected cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows that helps enhance audience reach on multiple platforms.

Our cross-platform mobile applications are developed on the most popular frameworks such as Xamarin, Cordova (PhoneGap) and React Native. If you are looking for excellence in cross-platform development, then we deliver mobile apps with a competitive edge.

Macrosyst’s Mobile App Development Benefits

We offer a complete suite of offerings right from mobile app strategy, design, integration, migration to upgrade. We provide 24×7 support and maintenance for your app. Be it Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform, we are best known for harnessing the power of modern technologies to build amazing mobile apps that help you stand out from the rest. We offer scope-based maintenance, provide a part-time/ full-time person or work with you on an annual maintenance contract.

Why Choose Macrosyst?

mCommerce and Retail Solutions
We help businesses to provide excellent consumer experiences across all kinds of mobile devices by using the latest technologies, such as geo-fencing, VR and AR, NFC, RFID, GPS, and personalized push notifications.
Firm Grasp Of Guidelines

Every mobile app demands its own set of user experience, technology, security and compliance checks. Some require constant support and maintenance based on the performance and business requirements. We are well equipped to meet any testing, support and maintenance requirements.

AR & VR Powered Experiences
Following technology ambition to lead the AR race, we help our customers put this promising technology to good use. Our skills can be instrumental in industries which already reap the benefits of AR, such as Jewelry, Retailing.
Image Recognition & ML Technology
Using tools such as OpenCV to help organizations in Jewelry, Apparels, Retail and Manufacturing enforcement to recognize objects and patterns through rule-based and machine-learning systems.
Rapid Results

To help you outrun the competition, we aim to shrink the gap between your idea and a winning solution. Our mobile team has a knack for rapid prototyping and agile development, which enables you to get to market almost twice as fast as any other company.

Material Design Understanding

We stick with Google’s guidelines to help you keep pace with the ever-changing technologies and trends of UX and UI design. Our apps allow for a unified experience across all screens while engaging the user instead of simply pleasing their eye. They provide clear layouts and journeys, being accessible and handy to users of all skills and abilities.

APP Integration

To empower business processes and data exchange, we develop a mobile app that can be paired with other systems in place while leaving room for further integrations, be it your internal system or a third-party service.

More Value

Once we start a project, our team of Business and R&D experts will go that extra mile to understand your idea and make sure we know what you want to deliver to your users. We work with you to develop an app that evolves along with your business and users, whatever challenge comes our way.

Macrosyst Offers Both Native & Hybrid – Mobile Application Development


Native ones are a bit more complex and expensive, too. Apart from the high investment part, you’ll also need to have a strong grasp of knowledge in complex languages as well as structures.
Moreover, to target your application on other mobile platforms, there are a couple of steps of both writing and rewriting to be completed. It is advisable to go for native app development if you aren’t a novice.Otherwise, native apps are capable of delivering flawless performance.

Native apps are built for specific platforms(Android/iOS)using the development tools and languages that the platform offers. We have the complete expertise in building native applications utilizing the OS-specific features to offer an excellent app experience and customer satisfaction.


Hybrid mobile apps are capable of running inside a native app and process the parts of Javascript locally. Hybrid app development is easy to build; you need to use HTML 5 and the Javascript, that’s it. It provides satisfactory performance in applications. However, some developers have reported a lack of game-level-responsiveness. If you aim to build apps within a short period, go for the hybrid app development. Besides this, you’ll be amazed to know that one of the most popular mobile applications in the world, i.e., Amazon, Netflix, Evernote are designed with the hybrid process only.

Many businesses prefer hybrid apps over native apps mostly for the code compatibility with different mobile platforms like iPhone, Android given the exponential increase in the cost of per-platform development and the need for rapid time to market. As a full-service mobile app development firm, we used advanced mobile frameworks like Xamarin, Cordova (PhoneGap) and React Native that perform like native ones.

Native or Hybrid mobile App

The decision behind choosing the right approach between the hybrid or native completely depends upon the goals of your business or organization. You cannot just select any one of the app development processes with your random choices. Your first and foremost work is to find out which kind of application you want to develop. Based on the nature and budget of your application, you can choose the right platform to get it designed. Let us help you understand help you understand the basics of both the hybrid and native mobile app development process so that you can choose the right approach for your mobile application.

Macrosyst Offers Mobile Application Development for Both Native & Hybrid


The startups we work with are high-growth, high-intensity organizations. Speed is a priority. These companies come to Macrosyst for app development often because they don’t have the time or resources to build out an entire team from scratch, so when they need people who can get things done, they choose Macrosyst.

Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and web-based technology lets us bring a new level of expertise to your company. We know how to strategize and develop apps that users love and that are prepared to scale.


We’re one of the only app development companies that can build amazing products in extreme enterprise environments. Big companies want to move quickly, but it takes a lot of time to turn a huge ship. Building out things internally can take years or might not even be possible. Big brands companies come to Macrosyst because we know how to cut through red tape and we know to make things happen despite big hurdles.

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A highly curated team of outside-of-the-box thinkers, lean product-first methodology, and an obsession with making game-changing mobile apps.